“Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power.”
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'Sigmund Freud, Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis'

International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) Congress, 1911 Weimer

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IPA 49th Congress, IPSO 23rd Congress, Boston 2015 'Changing World'

IPA is organizing its 49th Congress this year in Boston, USA, between 22nd and 25th of July. The main theme is 'Changing World: The shape and use of psychoanalytic tools today.’ The following question shall be addressed throughout the Congress:

IPA Video Awards: the five finalists selected are online for the public vote of the winner.

Online voting is OPEN TO EVERYONE, both IPA members and general public, The last date for voting is June 30th, 2015.

Psychoanalytic Views 9 ‘The Violence Within; The Violence We Live In’

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION EXTENDED TILL NOVEMBER 2nd! We live in a time and space where we are confined with all kinds of violence. This led us to determine the theme of the 9 th Psychoanalytic View Symposium as "violence" which is an inevitable part of the human psyche and human interaction. We would like to think together on the concept of violence in this world where the violence in flesh and bones strikes us almost every day.

Introductory Seminars to Psychoanalysis 2015-2016 Program

The “Introduction to Psychoanalysis” seminars, which will be organized by our Association for the seventh time this year, are conducted in two different levels.

IPA President Stefano Bolognini was in Istanbul.

IPA President Stefano Bolognini was in Istanbul. He gave a lecture in a joint meeting with the members of Psike and IPD.

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