“Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power.”
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'Sigmund Freud, Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis'

International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) Congress, 1911 Weimer

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Dreaming Undreamt Dreams and Interrupted Cries

Thomas H. Ogden

Translator: Burçak Erdal

Editor: Türkay Demir

Thomas Ogden's thinking has been at the cutting edge of psychoanalysis for more than twenty five years. In this volume, he builds on the work of Freud, Klein, Winnicott, and Bion and explores the idea that human psychopathology is a manifestation of a breakdown of the individual's capacity to dream his experience. The investigation into the role of the analyst in participating psychologically in the patient's dreaming is illustrated throughout with elegant and absorbing accounts of clinical work, providing a fascinating insight into the analyst's experience.

This Art of Psychoanalysis offers a unique perspective on psychoanalysis that features a new way of conceptualizing the role of dreaming in human psychology. Subjects covered during the book mainly include “a new reading of the origins of object relations theory”, “on holding and containing, being and dreaming” and “on psychoanalytic writing”.

This engaging book succeeds in conveying not just a set of techniques but a way of being with patients that is humane and compassionate. It will be of great interest to psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals.

Thomas H. Ogden

Thomas Ogden is one of the most read, influential and known among theorists in psychoanalysis today. When you read the psychoanalytic texts written over the last twenty years, it is highly possible to find his works within the references. You may notice that the foreword of a book you like is written by him. Considering Ogden being both a productive and an influential writer, you probably encounter one of his works when you search an article about a recent significant subject. In brief, it does not take a fortune teller to predict that you come across Ogden as well as you start reading today’s psychoanalysis.

Türkay Demir

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