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Summertime Cinema - Time to Love

As the memory of the city gets obliterated, at times inevitably and at times destructively, the concepts of "mahalle" (neighborhood), "komşuluk" (neighborliness), "bakkal" (grocery store), "seksek" (hopscotch) and other daily essentials, such as street play have quickly faded away. Summertime cinema, which is defined by the viewing of a Turkish movie watched under stars on wooden chairs, has also become long-time forgotten. We will enliven the summertime cinema and bring together nostalgia and psychoanalysis at Burgazada, which can be said to still be in touch with the past of Istanbul. On July 13th (Saturday), we will be viewing one of the most significant movies of the Turkish cinematic history: "Time to Love", directed by Metin Erksan. The viewing will be followed by psychoanalytic reading and discussion of the movie by the President of Psike, Dr. Gökhan Oral. We will be happy to see you among us.
Location: Burgazadası Kültür ve Kalkınma Derneği, Kalpazankaya yolu No.112 (Aya Nikola Çay Bahçesi) Burgazada
Date: 13 July 2019, Satuday Time: 20.00
Movie: Time to Love, 1965
Director: Metin ERKSAN
Discussant: Prof.Dr. Gökhan ORAL, Psychoanalyst
Participation Fee: 50 TL, Students: 40 TL
The tickets will be sold at the entrance to the event.

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