“Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power.”
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'Sigmund Freud, Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis'

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Long Term Approach to Child Psychosis

Author: Bianca Lechevalier

Psike Istanbul Psychoanalysis Library – Here and Now

Bianca Lechevalier, who suggests treating mother-child unit in order to work with autism and psychotic processes in the infancy, brings up new possibilities to us with her detailed narration by adding session notes. It demonstrates that it is critical maintaining treatment as long as possible, increasing the frequency of sessions and involving mother and infant or child together within these pathologies, which are thought to be non-progressive.

Bianca Lechevalier invites us into her work in the matrix of body and mentality, transference and counter-transference, and intergenerational transmission within the depth of preverbal. She demonstrates the change whenever the work starts from infancy and maintain to adulthood, that it enlivens the internal world and beginning of creative processes rather than the pathology remains. Bianca Lechevalier evaluates how the fundamentals of psychoanalysis engage with mother-child therapies, and that it gives hope to life processes by means of her theoretical and clinical narrative.

Thanks to Bianca Lechevalier gifting us a real thinking and practicing source in the era that we are seduced by sirens! If the therapist or analyst is enough curious about their body and if they include that in the analysis of their counter-transference, thus the body does not become an obstacle to treatment but a main link of processing. If the therapist or analyst has strength to oppose to deceptive calling of short term interventions, therefore, the length and depth of treatment has become enormously valuable.

Bernard Golse

Bianca Lechevlier’s nostalgic and strong bonds to her motherland and childhood have gained a different dimension with the help of psychoanalysis (this time not by using it as a treatment method) by transferring-transporting psychoanalysis to a new geography. The revival of mother’s imaginary work related to her child and the treatment of mother-child attachment aiming to discover the child as a subject has taken place at another level. Bianca Lechevalier’s motherland, with the help of her children from the next generation, has discovered her child Bianca and established bonds between them to turn her and themselves into the subjects as both a psychoanalyst and an individual.

Sezai Halifeoğlu

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